An Institute Coming of Age?

Some time ago, my involvement with BIFM was far greater that it’s been of late. I spent a couple of interesting years as the corporate representative on Council; was actively involved in the Knowledge and International SIG committees, and well as the Corporate sub-committee; and regularly attended events and conferences in order both to enhance my learning and to network with my peers.

More recently, I’ve been less involved than I would have liked, but my desire to do anything more that watch from the sidelines was to some extent limited by what I felt was a tendency towards bureaucracy, and a structure & public face that seemed far to entrenched in tradition. That now seems to have changed, and I for one am delighted to see it happen.

I can cite two immediate examples of this (although, bearing in mind that this is a blog, I’d be delighted to hear your views on the subject too). Firstly, the qualification framework – whilst still in relative infancy – is clearly much more fit for purpose that it’s predecessor, the BIFM Qual; the latter was to my mind singularly unsuccessful, with limited take-up and suffering from the constraints of being non-accredited. The second example is the introduction of the “Certified” status of CBIFM for individual members. For too long, I believe that members have felt that the focus on corporates has been to the detriment of the individual; however, CBIFM now means that members with tangible knowledge and experience can make themselves known. (As an early adopter and beneficiary of those post-nominals, I would say that, of course!)

Recently, I accepted an invitation to represent the Institute as one of a small number of EuroFM Ambassadors, a role I was delighted to take on in the light of my changing perception of BIFM. I’m looking forward to what will be a more direct involvement than I’ve had for quite a while, and am happy to give of my time for an organisation that seems to be heading in the right direction.

  1. #1 by Fred Kloet (@fredkloet) on August 17, 2011 - 2:58 pm

    Hi Tony. Great to hear you will be a EuroFM Ambassador. Looking forward meeting again. Have a look at for the program of our next meeting in Munich.
    Who are the other 3 people?

    • #2 by Tony Angel on August 17, 2011 - 6:36 pm

      Hi Fred – good to hear from you, and I’m looking forward to my forthcoming involvement with EuroFM. I’d better leave any announcement relating to the participation of others to Richard Byatt at BIFM, but I’m sure we’ll all be showing our faces at the scheduled meetings and conferences once we’re properly up and running. I look forward to catching up with you over a coffee (or something stronger)!

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